So Close…!

We are so close to finishing a beautiful yard in West Ashley. It will be an on going project, but the major installation work will be complete very soon. We would like to thank the Rust’s for bearing with us through this enjoyable process of transforming their yard into an edible landscape. We are proud to announce that the Rust’s have received the yard of the month for May!

Take a look at the Progress!

Here’s the Back:

Here’s the front and North side:

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Here’s some flowers that could be in your yard. Some feed the soul and others the belly!

Mandala Garden Coming to Life on Johns Island

Here’s a project that is coming right along. It all started with a couple fruit trees and a desire for a garden. It is now on its merry way to a Food Forest and Mandala Garden! Thank you to Steve, David and Denielle who are helping out on the project!

Ground Cloth = Weed Bind Cloth

Who likes weeds? Not many people I’ve met. There are many different ways to stop “weeds” from coming up. What is a weed? The definition I’m most fond of is a plant out of place. Many plants that are refered to as weeds have value, whether it be benefiting the soil or someones body. Two plants with very high nutrient value are commonly refered to as weeds, purslane and lambs quarter.

Ground cloth or weed barrier is commonly used in yards to prevent weeds from coming up. Unfortunately some weeds look at it and laugh and pop right through, resulting in a hard to untangle web of roots, stems and cloth.


Rather than trying to stop the weeds from growing we can select the weeds that we do want and plant the plants that we do want densely enough to where there is no light for the weeds that we don’t want. Here are a couple plants that are eye pleasing and take away space from those noxious weeds.


Another way to prevent weeds from popping up, without creating a mess, is to sheet mulch. There are different schools of thought on sheet mulching. The general idea is to have at least one layer or cardboard and a layer of wood chips on top of the cardboard. It all depends on what we are trying to accomplish. In the pictures below, we were trying to build up the soil by putting in a cover crop. In this case, we put down a layer of cardboard and then put composted manure on top of that and planted our cover crop.


Tis the Season for Designing & Dreaming

Greetings from Edible Landscapes of Charleston!

With the temperature cooling off, now’s the time to start thinking and dreaming about what food you want to come out of your yard. Dominick and Bryan have started a new company, Edible Landsc

apes of Charleston, and they want to help you grow food in your yard and open spaces.Do you know anyone with a house that would like to include edibles (fruit trees and vegetable gardens) in their landscaping? Do you know anyone that has fruit trees or a garden and is not getting much from them? Do you know someone that would like to start an orchard or food forest? Edible Landscapes of Charleston is the company to call.For a limited time Edible Landscapes of Charleston is offering a free consultation. What usually costs $50, is FREE for a limited time. Edible Landscapes of Charleston will come to you and start the process of figuring out what is possible.

Send a friend or family member a holiday gift certificate for 50% OFF on a concept design and get them started on journey to a life of good health and local food. The concept design is the first on paper representation of what a yard or open space could look like. Imagine the lucky person you send the gift certificate to walking out their front door and coming back with ingredients for dinner without having to go to the grocery store.

50% Off
P.S. Now is the time to order those fruit trees: Almonds, Apples, Citrus, Peaches, Plums and More! We recommend you get them from Ashton Branch Farms ( You can find a link to the order form on their Facebook page. Fill out the form and email it to

First Community Project Planting!

Edible Landscapes of Charleston and Charleston Fruit Tree Foundation have partnered with Chicora Place Community Garden to install two new Peach trees. HAPPY PEACHES

All these organizations on are Facebook, give’m a click and like’m.